I'm a visual storyteller and digital strategist with a background in multimedia journalism and technology. In my projects now, I'm making photography and consulting clients at the intersection of media, culture and tech. At Adobe, I'm building relationship programs, partnerships and community in the digital content team, engaging top agency partners and individual artists to acquire unique marketplace content. Previously, I was a Community Editor at Instagram where I supported editorial programming, product launches and discovery of global, interest-based communities.

My work has involved various long-form, journalistic multimedia series where I led projects from concept to execution. I shot and supported production for the first @Instagram story and other editorial stories, produced scaled outreach for events and special projects that elevated social impact topics as well as creatives and organizations on the platform. At Instagram, I provided qualitative analysis of machine learning-generated data to inform business, policy and community initiatives across teams. When Iā€™m not making or looking at photos, I'm reading (currently: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century), at Modo, trying to cook more or still looking for this rosemary.

Awards & Exhibitions